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May 2, 2009
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Power Rangers ZXT by heavenlymythicranger Power Rangers ZXT by heavenlymythicranger
BE WARNED: I'm about to give a long-winded speech/ramble of what I'm currently up to.

So, if you haven't guessed yet, I'm on this big kick of a re-imagined PRU. I mean, I guess we've all had our ideas for our own personal interpretation of the events that have happened, change a thing or two here and there: this IS the fanfic section of Rangerboard after all. Well, I have my own ideas too, but, well, they're a bit more radical. Yes, I realize Power Rangers is a kid's show, but when people grow up with something, the product starts to grow up with them. Look at comics: the were originally marketed to children and teens, and the worst you would see in it were superman MIGHT say "dawsh-goneit" and it's violence was rather tamed. Now, look at comics today: the violence is over-the-top, blood and cussing is all over the place. It's just simple fact that when a property is around for a long time, it changes, and PR is no exception. Yes, it still can be fun, and make fun of itself, and have a bit of a cheese factor that PR has always had, but it should be allowed to grow and mature.

With that in mind, about a week ago, I've began mapping out my re-imagining of the PRU. People I've shared my ideas with and talked to it about has compared it to Marvel's Ultimate line, just, you know, before it started sucking. (Well, that's what he said. I haven't read anything from the Ultimate line in like 2 years almost now, so I wouldn't really know.) There are a lot of similar names, places, and events that happen in the two, but my re imaging of the PRU is radically different in most aspects. New designs for most everything, new origins, altered personalities (though, the majority of changes are expansion upon existing personalities; very few character's base personalities are radically changed) and, in the case of my re-imagined Season 2, the inclusion of characters of other Saban shows to fill new roles.

With that said, one of the most radical changes I do the the PRU is merge two seasons: Zeo and Turbo. Why? Well, beside the smart-ass response of "just 'cause" (which, honestly, it's not; I have a legit reason), it's mainly for atheistic issues and story structure. I wasn't the biggest fan of Zeo's suits or the zords for the most part, but, I like the story and it's villains(well, their premise), while, with Turbo, about the only thing i did like were the suits, zords, and villains (once again, all of them for the most part) while I though the story really sucked, and I don't like how there was never a proper explanation of the reason for the creation of the turbo powers. This is the most radical change I've made so far in my re-imagining (I still have to work out the details of in Space, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, and Time Force, so the radical change thing could possibly change) since it is interweaving two radically different seasons into one.


After the Ninjetti Powers are destroyed by Master Vile, the rangers Rocky Dosantos, Adam Park, Ryan Steele, Kimberly Hart, and Aisha Campbell go in search for the shards of the legendary ZEO Crystal, while Billy Cranston stays in Angel Grove to work on creating new morphers and zords with Alpha 5, as well as assist the Rangers of Aquitar who have come to Earth at Zordon's request. For the men, the crystal shard recovery goes off relatively without a hitch: Rocky recovers the White crystal shard in Brazili along the Amazon, Adam finds the Green Crystal shard in a remote South Korean village, and Ryan is able to recover the Red Crystal shard from an old Scottish fortress. For Kim and Aisha, it was a different story. While Aisha searched south of Cairo for a Zeo Shard, she fell for the man aiding her in the search of the area, but she was unable to find the Shard, even after months of searching. She soon began thinking less of the crystal, and more of the man with her, and, eventually abandoning her quest to live her life on her own. Kim had slowly grew tiered of being a ranger, and while in France to recover one of the ZEO shards, she encountered Katherine Hillard, the former 'evil' Phoenix Ranger (Season 2) who had already stolen the Blue Crystal shard from The Louvre, as well as the Yellow Crystal shard from a private collection in Egypt. Though once enemies, Kat had a vendetta against Lord Zedd to settle, and offered to go back to Angel Grove in Kim's place. Along the way, Kat recruited the only other survivor of Zedd's former Rangers, the Kirin Ranger, Tanya Sloan. After the initial revelation of the replacement of the Kim and Aisha, the rangers used the ZEO Crystal to power up Billy's Turbo Drivers and Turbo Zords. The newly powered rangers, along with the Aquitians, were finally able to destroy Master Vile, and delivered a crippling blow to Zedd's and Rita's forces. The rangers rejoiced at their victory, though it was short-lived.

With Zedd's forces devastated, the Machine King Mondo and the Pirate Queen Divatox began a war against one another for control, using Earth as a battleground. The Rangers were able to successfully defend the planet from attacks from the Machine Empire and the Space Pirates, as well as protect people when the two factions battled against one another, until an unforseen problem emerged. The rangers still had traces of their old powers within them after being bonded with them for so long. Those remnants of their old powers were attempting to "recharge" themselves from absorbing their current powers, not only weakening the rangers, but causing physical damage to the rangers as well. The only solution was for Zordon to recruit 5 new rangers: T.J. Johnson, Cassie Chan, Ashley Hammond, Carlos Vallerte, and Gabriel Stewart to become the new Turbo Rangers, to continue the battle to protect Earth. As time goes on, though, the new rangers receive aid, including new Rescue zords, from a mysterious woman in a black suit similar to their own who calls herself Traigh. I said, radically different. Though... you should see the full changes of Season 2 and 3 I've done.

Oh, and just in case you didn't get the reference, Ryan Steele was the name of the main character from VR Troopers who's actor WAS suppose to play the White Ranger in Season 2 after Tommy left.

The suits were made from elements of :iconameyal:'s Zeo and Turbo suits, but a lot of the work is still mine. Hands off please.
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heavenlymythicranger, I hope you don't mind if I gave the ZXT Power Rangers their own profiles. Here we go:

Theodore Jay Jarvis "T.J." Johnson
T.J. is an honest police officer who quit the San Francisco police force after his partner Cassie was nearly killed after a beatdown from numerous corrupt cops. He soon managed to track them down, as the corrupt police officers were really King Mondo's Cog Soldiers. From there, T.J. was volunteered by Zordon to become the Red ZXT Ranger, and took up the offer. T.J. easily takes up his role as the leader of the ZXT Rangers, always keeping a cool head in the most dire situations. He also likes to play baseball in his spare time. However, T.J. has trouble getting along with Gabe, and doesn't even like him hitting on Cassie. But over time, T.J. and Gabe warm up to each other and become good friends.

Cassandra "Cassie" Chan
Cassie is another honest police officer, who also quit the San Francisco police force after that ambush from Mondo's Cogs disguised as policemen. Once she made a speedy recovery, Cassie joined T.J. as the Blue ZXT Ranger after being asked by Zordon. Cassie is pretty much the brains of the ZXT Rangers, as her quick thinking and puzzle-solving skills get herself and her colleagues out of any sticky situation. She also likes singing in her spare time.

Ashley Hammond
Ashley is the super-positive leader of the Angel Grove cheerleader team. She got her first taste of war with Mondo and Divatox during a soccer match, in Piranatrons and Cogs threatened the spectators. It was by fighting both sides off with help from Carlos that Ashley was asked by Zordon to become the Yellow ZXT Ranger, and was happy to oblige. Ashley can be considered the peacekeeper of the ZXT Rangers, always trying to make sure there are no arguments on the team, especially with T.J. and Gabe.

Carlos Chavez Vallertes
Carlos is a kind-hearted soccer player who used to play for El Paso, Texas, but soon got transferred to Angel Grove. While playing one soccer game, Carlos soon found himself and Ashley protecting the spectators from Cogs and Piranatrons. Not long after that, Carlos was asked by Zordon if he would become the Green ZXT Ranger, and agreed to do so. Carlos fits the bill as the clumsy-yet-gentle giant of the ZXT Rangers, and not only does he love to play football, but also taking part in professional wrestling in his spare time. Carlos has a bit of a crush on Ashley, as well as a Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Starfish-like friendship with Gabe.

Gabriel Justin "Gabe" Stewart
Gabe is a street brawler who loves to do nothing but fight. He was brought up by a trouble-making street gang after both his parents were killed in an armed robbery on the mean streets of Detroit, Michigan. For many years, Gabe and his fellow gang members, Richie, Curtis, Veronica, Sean, and Emily, mostly went to war with other street gangs, but many times, they would rob rich people and give their cash to homeless people, like a modern day version of Robin Hood and his merry men. But one day, when the gang decided to visit Angel Grove, they found themselves in the right place at the wrong time, as Richie, Curtis, Veronica, Sean, and Emily were all killed in a crossfire between Mondo and Divatox. This devastated Gabe pretty much, but it was because of this incident that he took up the reigns of becoming the White ZXT Ranger when approached by Zordon. Gabe thinks of himself as pretty much the hot-headed loner of the ZXT Rangers, and he sometimes argues with T.J. over wanting to do things his way or not. But, Gabe gets along well with both Carlos and Ashley, as well as flirting with not only Cassie, but also the mysterious Traigh. Also, Gabe would soon learn to get along with T.J., and become friends with him. Also, Gabe loves playing video-games in his spare time.

Lady Traigh
Nobody knows who she is or where she came from, but the beautiful Lady Traigh helps out the ZXT Rangers whenever she can as the Black ZXT Ranger. Traigh has a huge amount of respect for all the Rangers, even Gabe, who is spellbound by Traigh's beauty, trying to flirt with her at times.

It may not be much, but that is the gist of the idea.
BriteStarRobot Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014
=D I'm making a re-working of the PRU as well! =D…
Dyceman Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013

I re-designed my team of Power Rangers, Power Rangers Mythic Spirit, they are chosen from all over the Earth by the spirits of mythical creatures and harness their powers from these mythical beings and their morphers are coloured gems.


Red Phoenix Ranger: Shane Hunter (Caucasian/ California, USA)

Green Tengu Ranger: Jared Black (Native American/ Arizona, USA)

Blue Werewolf Ranger: Dave Wilson (African American/ New York, USA)

Purple Dragon Ranger: Lee Chen (Asian/ Tokyo, Japan)

Orange Firebird Ranger: Mike Park (Caucasian/ Scottish, UK)

Cyan Mermaid Ranger: Laura Hart (Caucasian/ Gold Coast, Australia

Yellow Ninetails Ranger: Michelle Basile (Caucasian/ French- American, Europe)

Pink Unicorn Ranger: Erin Hunter (Caucasian/ California, USA)

Aqua Sprite Ranger: Claire Hillard(Caucasian/ London England)

Star Angel Ranger: Cyrus (Humanoid Alien/ Unknown)


As you can probably guess, Cyrus is the "Special" ranger, the one that stands out from the others and doesn't show up in the story until later. I can't draw sadly but if someone were willing to help me out there or point me in the direction of a create your own ranger designer or something like that...i'd really appreciate it. i'll be writing fanfiction on this soon.

Wolvengra Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Dude these are in tense!
blibrary Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012  Student Artist
where did you do this? what program?
excellentwatcher Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2012
Did you know that Tanya is the only African-American Yellow Ranger to have a skirt on her ranger suit?
LOMI-Nogard Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011
So, about the Ninja powers: were they just a power-boost plus new zords? Because they just basically get skimmed over, with mentions of being lost here, then in the Season 2 pic/bio as Zordon needing new power
No, I made suits for a Season 3, they're just on my old computer that I haven't had access to for quite some time, though, I will in a few weeks. I'll probably post my season 3 stuff sometime in January.
LOMI-Nogard Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011
Oh, cool. I wasn't really expecting there to be a special suit, since you'd already done Kakuranger and Mighty Morphin. Time for some more awesome originality methinks :D
knd6 Featured By Owner May 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
One thing i need to say: you are a very creative person. You have rewritten the story for adults and made it likable altogether.

Being a sucker for mythology, i never minded the zord designs for the zeo series, though i thought the costumes were just okay. The machine empire was a good concept, though they never came off as good as their japanese counterparts and almost never launched full-scale attacks like in Ohranger. But the story for the series was well-written for sure.

Turbo on the other hand was a terrible season. Though i never hated it, it was a dissapointment, with Justin, major plotholes as for why they had to switch powers and rangers and sloppy writing. They shouldn't have taken carranger as a base for the season, as it was a parody rather then a sentai. They should have taken a series from before the zyuranger as a base (i would have preferred the jetman). Divatox was whiny and for a space pirate to try to conquer a planet is like saying a petty thief becomes the greatest mobster in history. Though Elgar (as stupid and inept as he was) was funny, as was Rygog and Havoc was a great tactical villain.

Though i must say that as far as i can tell it, you worked away some major flaws of both seasons, and that's something to be admired. The designs are cool and amazingly dark. The only thing it could be more awesome if you haven't written this as a more adult story. If you make a dark story that embraces a dark storyline while making it likable for all ages, then it would be perfect.
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